What is VMAP?

The Virginia Mental Health Access Program (VMAP) is a statewide initiative that helps health care providers take better care of children and adolescents with mental health conditions through provider education and increasing access to child psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and care navigators.

What VMAP Does
VMAP  ensures that more children have access to providers who are better able to screen, diagnose, manage and treat mental health.  

How VMAP Works

Virginia has a severe shortage of mental health providers. At the same time, PCPs treating children and adolescents are not equipped to manage mental health in their primary care settings. Enter VMAP.

To address this need, VMAP gives primary care providers the training and tools they need to serve children and young adults with mental health needs. This includes year-round education opportunities and access to on-call child and adolescent psychiatrists 40 hours a week.

How PCPs can get the most out of VMAP: 

  • Enroll in a training on managing pediatric mental health.
  • Call VMAP to consult with a child and adolescent psychiatrist and/or other licensed behavioral health providers. Registration is not required for your first call.
  • Receive care navigation to support with resources and referrals

VMAP Line Consultations

The VMAP Line has child and adolescent psychiatrists and licensed behavioral health professionals available during business hours to provide consultations to Virginia PCPs treating patients ages 0 through 21. To initiate a consult with a child and adolescent psychiatrist, please call the VMAP Line at 1-888-371-VMAP (8627) or request a consult (PCPs only).

VMAP is a State and Federally Funded Program

Available to Virginia PCPs at no cost