Questions about VMAP?

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The Virginia Mental Health Access Program is a statewide program designed to expand the mental health workforce by helping primary care providers screen, diagnose, and manage children and adolescents with mental health conditions.

When fully implemented, it has 4 main components:

  1. Education for PCPs on screening, diagnosis, management and treatment of pediatric mental health conditions (primarily through REACH, Project ECHO, and QI Screening Projects).*
  2. Consultation with regional VMAP teams comprised of child and adolescent psychiatrists and (eventually) psychologists and/or social workers.*
  3. Telehealth visits to assist with VMAP consults.
  4. Care Navigation to help identify additional regional mental health resources that may benefit families.

At this time, components marked with a star (*) are in the pilot stage. Additional components will be added as funding and capacity allows.

PCPs practicing anywhere in Virginia currently have access to VMAP’s statewide consult line where child and adolescent adolescent psychiatrists (CAPs) are available 40 hours a week for consultation. VMAP also offers pediatric mental health training and education to PCPs state-wide. Access to regional services is currently available in VMAP’s northern and eastern regions. This includes a regional CAP and additional behavioral health providers (LCSW/psychologists) to assist with consultations, as well as care navigation services. VMAP is actively working to expand these regional services to the rest of the state in 2021.

No. VMAP is not a crisis line. VMAP is also not intended as a replacement for mental health services that need ongoing management by a psychiatrist or other behavioral health provider (i.e., emergency or complex cases).

Child, adolescents, and young adults through age 21 (up to the 22nd birthday) can be served by VMAP.

We would love to have you be a part of our VMAP network! Our care navigators will refer families to mental health providers in their communities based on location, specialty, participation with the patient’s insurance, and availability. To join our network, please go to our Mental Health Providers page and submit your information.

Throughout the state, VMAP has REACH, Project ECHO, and QI initiatives occurring all year long. To find out when and where sessions are happening, go to VMAP’s Education For PCPs page.

Yes, families will benefit from VMAP if their primary care provider uses it. Please talk to your primary care provider about registering or contacting VMAP for more information.