1 in 5 pregnant or postpartum women are diagnosed with mood or anxiety disorder.1

20% of patients report having mental health issues during pregnancy or postpartum, but 75% never receive treatment. Perinatal mental health issues are the leading cause of maternal mortality in America, and left untreated, they can lead to preterm delivery, difficulty bonding with the child, and much more.

In response, VMAP acquired additional state funding to launch a perinatal expansion—VMAP for Moms+. Perinatal psychiatrists, licensed mental health professionals, and care navigators who all specialize in this branch of mental health will join the VMAP Line. VMAP will also add perinatal mental health trainings to its ongoing education options, with the hope to train maternal health providers on screening, diagnosing, and managing perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

These services will start regionally and expand as additional funding becomes available. Stay tuned to learn more about our efforts in perinatal mental health.